rf ETCC 76 2017

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Rd1: Wednesday 12th Jul - Monza
Race Result - Server Replay

Rd2: Wednesday 9th Aug - Rouen
Race Result - Server Replay

Rd3: Wednesday 6th Sep - Nordschleife
Race Result - Server Replay

Rd4: Wednesday 4th Oct - Spa
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Rd5: Wednesday 1st Nov - Zandvoort
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Rd6: Wednesday 29th Nov - Silverstone
Race Result - Server Replay
Results and Server Replay links will be added following completeion of the event.

Series Information:

The RaceConnect ETCC '76 Masters Championship uses ISIs' long established Online Multiplayer Racing Sim title rfactor'. This series features cars from the GTC-TC 76  category cars. You need to own rfactor and have the Historic GT & TC mod installed (To install the Historic GT & TC Mod, you will need to own a copy of Simbin's GT Legends) to compete in this championship.  Races in this series are held on historic tracks that would have typically been used during this era (but not 100% accurate in some cases).

For this series, entrants MUST select 1 car per round.  Each car may only be driven ONCE in the series. It's up to members to select cars that are compatible with a given circuit, and to anticipate what other drivers may take. Once on the server on race night, the select car MUST be taken. No swapping to a different car after others have joined the server.

Historic GT & TC mod v1.96

Car Allowed: Alfa Romeo 2000 GTAm 70, Renault Alpine A310 76, BMW 2002 Tii 72, BMW 2800 CS 70, BMW 3,2 CSL 73 74, Ford Capri 2600 RS 71, Ford Capri MK1 RS 2600 72, Ford Escort RS MK1 72, Porsche 911 ST 2,4 71, Porsche 914/6 GT 2,5 72

Event Timetable:
Final Practice: 6:00pm UK time
Qualifying: 8:00pm UK Time - 25minutes
Warm Up: 8:25pm UK Time - 5 minutes
Race: 8:30pm UK Time - 60minutes +3min Manual Formation


Server Settings:
Fuel: x2
Tyres: x2
Traction Control: N/A
Start Type: Rolling Start (Manual Formation Lap See Rule: RCR 8/.)
Race Points:  25,21,18,15,14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
Cameras Allowed: No Swingman (See Rule: RCM 10/.)

Points Scored for DNF @ 75% Race distance or higher

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