AC WSC 2017

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Rd1: Wednesday 21st June -  Sebring 
Race Result - Race Replay

Rd2: Wednesday 5th July - Nurburgring 
Race Result - Race Replay

Rd3: Wednesday 19th July - Le Mans 
Race Result - Race Replay

Rd4: Wednesday 2nd August - Silverstone '67 
Race Result - Race Replay

Rd5: Wednesday 16th August - Oesterreichring '79
Race Result - Race Replay

Rd6: Wednesday 30th August - Kyalami '67
Race Result - Race Replay

Results and Server Replay links will be added following completion of the event.

Series Information:
This championship re-creates the World Sportscar Championship series held between 1968 & 1969. 

DLC Required:
Cars: Dreampack #2, Porsche Pack #3

Mandatory App:
Pit Lane Penalty (PLP) app required for all Assetto Corsa events
See DOWNLOAD section and FORUM for install infomation

Car Classes:
Ford GT40
Porsche 908 LH (Restrictor: 40 (but may change based on each round))

The server will be in 'Lockout Mode' two days before race day, meaning only those who have selected a car skin in the relevant forum and are registered to race will have access to the server.

Event Timetable:
Monday before each event
Final Practice:
6:00pm UK time
Qualifying: 8.00pm UK time - 90 minute session.

Tuesday before each event
Final Practice: 6:00pm UK time
Qualifying: 8.00pm UK time - 90 minute session

Each drivers best lap over the two qualifying sessions will form the grid for the Wednesday race
Drivers with no set time will form randomly behind.

Race night
Final Practice:
6.00pm UK time
Warm Up:
Race: 8:00pm UK Time - 90 minutes race (server to be restarted at 7.50pm with a 10 minute wait timer)

NOTE: Mandatory pitstop required with tyre change between 20minute and 70 minute as per server settings.
Failure to take the mandatory pit at all = DQ by the game
Failure to change tyres = 30sec penalty

Fixed (Visibility may change through the series)

Server Settings:
Server Format: Lockout Mode (set 2 days before each event)
Server Access: Only drivers on the 'Race Registration' list AND with a car skin selection in the forum
Fuel: x0.4
Tyres: Normal
ABS: Factory
Traction Control: Factory
Start Type: Manual Rolling
Grip: 'Green' at the start of race
Grip Lap Gain: Aiming for 100% grip by final third of the race.
Race Points: 25,18,15,12,10,8,6,4,2,1

Points Scored for DNF @ 75% Race distance or higher

Useful Links:
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Pit Lane Penalty app info
Car Choice Forum Thread
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TeamSpeak Passwords
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