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DiRT Rally 2017

The 95 European Rally Championship will be a three round series starting at the beginning of January and running through to the end of March.


Round 1 Germany 2nd - 29th January
Round 2 Wales 30th January - 26th February
Round 3 Finland 2nd - 30th March

1995 European Rally Championship Format:
1. The 95 ERC consists of three rallies (one each month) and eight stages per rally.
2. The class of cars will be Group A.
3. There will be two stages per week Sunday - Thursday and Thursday - Sunday. It is advisable not to leave your official timed run to the last minute as the Codemasters Racenet server does go down periodically.
4. The results (Leader board) can be viewed on the forum shortly after each stage has finished.

1995 European Rally Championship Rules:
1. You must be a RaceConnect member to compete in the Championship and real names must be used.
2. You may enter at any time during the Championship.
3. The points system will be 25,21,18,15,14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
4. If you fail to start a stage for whatever reason, or retire during a stage, you will be awarded the slowest time plus one minute. In the event of the slowest time being unusually slow, a time not exceeding 5 minutes over the fastest time will be awarded.
5. Switching cars is forbidden. Only one car may be used during a Rally. Changing cars will result in a disqualification and collect the slowest time plus one minute.
6. SS8 of each rally will be a Power stage, the top three times will be awarded extra points. 1st 3 points. 2nd 2 points. 3rd 1point
7. For this Championship we will be using default/fixed setups.

Changing your Screen name On the Steam home page 1. Click on your name 2. Select Profile 3. Edit Profile 4. Type your real name (no numbers and a space between your first and last name)
Please note: Your entry will not be accepted until you change to your real name.

Useful Links:
TeamSpeak Passwords
General Series Discussion
DiRT Rally 1995 European Rally Leadeboard
RaceConnect DiRT Rally RaceNet Page

rfactor Timing

rfactor30x30 WEC

rfactor30x30 FIAGT

rfactor30x30 WTSC



rfactor2 Timing

rf2 30x30 24hr GT3

rf2 30x30 ELMS - Not Live

rf2 30x30 VLN - Not Live

rf2 30x30 Lola T280

rf2 30x30 NAEC

Assetto Corsa Timing

AC30x30 Blancpain GT - Not Live

AC30x30 Lotus 25 - Not Live




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