Series Information:
  • This championship closely follows the real world FIA World Endurance Championship.
    3 classes will feature in the results (P1, P2 & GTE). This series will follow much of the 2017 WEC Season calendar.

    With the demise of the Factory P1 Prototypes in the real world WEC series, RaceConnect will be using the privateer P1 Petrol cars for the 2018 Championship, together with the usual P2 and GTE classes.

Race Points Format:
  • Race Points: 25,18,15,12,10,8,6,4,2,1 (Le Mans = Double Points)
    Points Scored for DNF @ 75% Race distance or higher

  • rfactor
  • Enduracers SP3
Car Classes:
    • P1
    • P2
    • GTE
Car Skins
    • No extra 'member' car skins will be added to the RaceConnect Server.
Server Settings:
  • Server Access: We aim to have Practice Servers available 24/7 in the weeks leading up to an event, with the usual RaceConnect Server Password
  • Fuel: x2
  • Tyres: x2
  • Cameras Allowed: No Swingman (See Rule: RCM 10/.)
  • ABS: None
  • Traction Control: Up to Level 3 allowed
  • Start Type: Rolling Start (Manual Formation Lap See Rule: RCR 8/.)
  • Virtual Server Race Start Time: 11:00am
  • Server Timescale: x3
Event Timetable:
  • Final Practice: 6:00pm UK time
  • Qualifying: 7.20pm UK Time - 30 minutes
  • Qualifying Format: 3x10 minutes per class:
  • Qualifying Order: Opening 10mins = P1p only. Middle 10min = P2's only, Final 10min =  GTE's only.  Cars may complete their qualifying lap, if they crossed the S/F line before the end of their 10min session.
  • Warm Up: 7:50pm UK Time - 5 minutes
  • Race: 8:00pm UK Time - 2hrs (Le Mans 2hr 24mins) All races +3mins for manual formation lap
  • Weather: Fixed
Championship Schedule:
  • Pre-Season Test: Saturday 20th Jan - Monza
  • Rd 1: Sunday 18th Feb - Silverstone
  • Rd 2: Sunday 1st Apr - Spa
  • Rd 3: Sunday 13th May - Le Mans 2.4hr
  • Rd 4: Sunday 24th Jun - Nurburgring
  • Rd 5: Sunday 5th Aug - Mexico
  • Rd 6: Sunday 16th Sep - COTA
  • Rd 7: Sunday 28th Oct - Fuji
  • Rd 8: Sunday 9th Dec - Bahrain 

Results and Server Replay links will be added following completion of the event.