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Awareness of membership & racing rules is expected by all members. RaceConnect is run by volunteers who give up a lot of their free time to organise all the events for you. Having a set of rules and expectations allows the admin team to invest time in growing the site for you. Members knowledge of the rules is important to the bigger picture of time investment - by the team, for you. Time spent dealing with Incidents and attempting to resolve issues where drivers fail to follow simple rules is not viewed positively.

You are expected to drive with a sound knowledge of the rules, and respect those rules. This is what we ask in return for the time and effort invested to bring this experience to you. You will be more respected for being a gentleman driver than a rule breaker, which will not be tolerated, invitation to your membership can be withdrawn at any time.

When joining an event at RaceConnect it is expected that you have read and understood the Event Rules in the Series pages and specific forum pages for that event. Turning up on Race night asking questions such as 'How long is the Race?' or 'Do I need to Pit?' is not expected - know your stuff. Being regularly reported for failure to observe the Member/Racing rules will result in contact from Admin with a view to resolving potential issues.

Please do not enter RaceConnect event Servers/Events with anything other than your 'Real Name'. DO NOT use Nicknames (e.g. Turbo Speedmaster). Help changing your in-game name can be found in the RaceConnect forums. Your raceconnect site name should match that of your driver name when in game - this is pivotal to our driver tracking systems.

Under no circumstances will you be abusive to another driver/member All formats are included - Race Server, Forum, Personal Messages, Shout Box, Live Chat or Teamspeak etc.

Incidents can/will happen on track in the heat of competition, for various reasons - driver misjudgement or misunderstanding between drivers. If you have an issue with a member then conduct yourself professionally, and be courteous at all times.  If you have an issue regarding drover conduct on track, you can contact Admin using the "Incident Report Procedure". This should be a last resort as the time investment required to review an incident can be very lengthy, we are happy to support any mediation required. Incident reporting should be no more than 72 hours after the incident.

Use of bad language in shout-box forum or server chat, in a negatve way is simply not tolerated - do not do it.Do not be hostile & use abusive swear words.

Register for events in good time. Admin cannot be expected to increase registration numbers if you learn that an event is full. Members can join any Series at any time at RaceConnect, and all events are on a 'Race by Race' registration. Registration for each round opens at completion of the previous round. We recommend that if you want to ensure yourself a place on the grid, that you register at this time.

No Shows:- Please DO NOT register, and then fail to attend. Your attendance is tracked and your membership withdrawn if multiple FTA (fail to attend). If something happens in real life that stops you from being able to compete, then please try to post your apologies in the relevant race/event forum.

RaceConnect aims to provide downloads to required files to all our series. These downloads will be enabled automatically after your registration for membership has been accepted. Please do not abuse our free hosting. Administrative records are kept. Remember, download speeds are beyond our control. It is the responsibility of the member to download install and check files in plenty of time for an event.

RaceConnect run multiple servers 24/7 for all upcoming events, and Series Pages and Forum Threads detail timings and Event Format etc.

Some members my put in hours of practice, and others will turn up on the day of the race. In all cases, a basic understanding of the event process is expected, and a basic understanding of the Car/Circuit combination.

When official practice starts on the evening of an event, it is too late to expect help from Admin/Members to resolve issues with locating the event server or explaining the format of the event.

If you have registered, or are interested in an event, then please check your system's compatibility with the server at least 24hrs before the event. All practice servers have the same password, as advised on the RaceConnect Passwords Menu Link.

If you experience trouble, administrators, or members will help you resolve your issue leading up to the event.

When official practice starts on the evening of an event, it is too late to expect to receive help from Admin/Members to resolve any issues you may have. Incompatibility issues should ideally be resolved at least 60mins prior to Qualifying, to avoid exclusion from the event.

Passwords are not emailed or pm'd to you. Please use the usual RaceConnect practice server password. The link can be found on the RaceConnect Passwords Menu Link.

TeamSpeak can be a lot of fun and help build a community spirit. However, please observe the following.
In joining TS you hearby agree:-
 You will not flame other members.
2/. You will report to Admin any abusive behaviour directed at other members on TS or in the sim that is unacceptable and liable to cause disharmony within RaceConnect.
3/. To view incidents based on your own personal opinion using the tools available (eg: server replay), and shall not be influenced by any other member.
4/. You do not hand out the password to anyone with exception only if allowed to do so by an admin.
5/. The nature of 'live chat' will result in occasional stronger language etc. However, there is a huge difference between making a mistake on track and calling yourself a 'xxxx idiot', and directing strong language at another member.
We hope this gives you a safeguard to your rights when you join Teamspeak and with which we can take the necessary steps to protect you and keep the peace.

1/. Ideally, the preferred camera view when racing for all members is 'Cockpit View'. RaceConnect is a Sim-Racing site, and simulating a position in front of the dashboard is the ideal camera to use. Sims such as iRacing only offer 'Cockpit' view.
cockpit view allowed



2/. On some RaceConnect servers, camera options other than 'Cockpit' may be available, such as Nose, Bonnet, TV Cockpit. For some members, these view may offer a preferred field of view. 
nose view allowed tv cockpit view allowed

3/. On no occasion is an 'out of car' camera view allowed while racing on RaceConnect servers.

swingman a not allowed swingman b not allowed swingman c not allowed

4/. RaceConnect server settings:
rfactor: No Swingman (Cockpit, Nose, TV Cockpit)  rfactor240x40rfactor2: No Swingman (Cockpit, Nose, TV Cockpit)  iracing40x30iRacing: Cockpit Only  project cars40x40Project Cars: Cockpit/Helmet  AC40x40Assetto Corsa: Cockpit, Nose, Bonnet, TV Cockpit  GTL40x40GT Legends: Server Set to 'Professional' Cockpit view 'Not Forced'  RE340x40RaceRoom Experience: Server Set to 'Get Real'  DiRT Rally40x40Dirt Rally: Cockpit/Windcreen

rfactor Timing

rfactor2 Timing

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