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When cars are being Lapped, there is always a risk. It has been documented many times in forums etc, that drivers being lapped, should hold the racing line when being passed, and the driver lapping must make the pass. Whilst this is sound advice, it is also acceptable for a lapped car to pull out of the way to enable the pass. If a Lapped car wishes to move aside, then this move should be done in a safe place (i.e. On the straight, off the racing line, and a lift of the throttle).

RCR11a/. When lapping another car, the driver making the pass carries a greater responsibility to make a safe and clean pass.
RCR11b/. When being lapped by another car, the driver being lapped has a responsibility to ensure that when the ‘pass’ is being made, that they do not make any unpredictable move such as changing direction or turning in on the racing line, while the pass is being made.
RCR11c/. A lapped driver should obey the rules that come with the blue flag*. *RaceConnect runs where possible, with sim flag penalties 'off', to avoid harsh penalties. However, this should not bee seen as an opportunity for cars that are considerably slower and are being lapped to be anything but supportive in the lapping process.
RCR11d/. A driver lapping others should make a predictable move wherever possible as to allow the lapped driver to anticipate the pass being made.
RCR11e/. The Driver being lapped should drive consistently and predictably. (e.g. do not suddenly slow down/brake early while on the racing line, or lift on the exit of a corner to allow a car to pass).
RCR11f/. All drivers should make every effort when lapping, or being lapped, to avoid contact with another car. Contact, as a result of failure to observe Lapping Rules, will be deemed Avoidable Contact, and dealt with under rule RCR3/. & RCR9/. RCR11g/. The Lapping car must take into account that the car he is lapping is probably posting slower lap times, and therefore must allow for the fact that they may be taking corners slower, or braking earlier than they are.

Consequence for Non-Adherence:
Contact, as a result of failure to observe Lapping Rules, will be deemed Avoidable Contact, and dealt with under rule RCR3/. Any contact when lapping will be penalised in line with Rule RCR3/. Avoidable Contact.
A driver reported for a Lapping incident, that didn't result in contact, but did cause someone on track to take avoiding action may receive a warning. Persistent warnings will result in Penalties, as advised by Admin.
A reported Lapping incident, where a drive through has not been taken, may result in a penalty. Penalties will be applied depending on the level of the incident and at the discretion of Admin. These may range from Lap Penalties, to Time Penalties, to Drive Through Penalties, to Grid Penalties, to Removal from the Server, or Removal/DQ from the Race Result.

A reminder: RCR7b/. Repeated Flashing of lights when approaching other cars to lap them is prohibited. RCR7e/. Repeated Flashing of lights at a competitor who has just overtaken/lapped you is prohibited. A single flash of lights to a car ahead, that appears to be driving inconsistently, or with damage, or has been holding up the car behind for some time (not a single corner), with no apparent effort to effort to support the 'lapping' car to get by, would not attract a penalty.


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