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RCR12a/. A driver who is in a position where he needs to drive defensively in order to maintain his race position has the right to move off line in order to make the pass more difficult.
However,  there are limitations:-
RCR12b/. There must be room for the defensive move to occur without contact. If a driver moves to defend a position, and this movement provokes contact, then this will be deemed Avoidable Contact, and dealt with under rule RCR3/.
RCR12c/. Any driver who does not react/anticipate the defending driver moving across to cover his position, which results in contact, will be deemed Avoidable Contact, and dealt with under rule RCR3/.
RCR12d/. Only 1 change of line will be allowed (i.e. Moving from On the racing line, to block the inside line), but must be done early enough to avoid contact with the passing car.
RCR12e/. The lead driver has the right to choose his line in to the turns providing the above are adhered to.

Consequence for Non-Adherence:-
Penalties will be applied depending on the level of the incident and at the discretion of Admin. These may range from Lap Penalties, to Time Penalties, to Drive Through Penalties, to Grid Penalties, to Removal from the Server, or Removal/DQ from the Race Result.


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