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RCR7a/. Use of headlights is prohibited, unless the lack of daylight or weather conditions means that they may be needed*.
RCR7b/. Repeated/Flashing of lights when approaching other cars to lap them is prohibited. A single Flash is ok if it is done as a precautionary safety measure**
RCR7c/. Repeated/Flashing of lights when following a competitor is prohibited (Whilst this is seen on the real race tracks of the world, it's something that we do not want to see on the grids of RaceConnect).
RCR7d/. (Exception to RCR7a/.) P1's must have their lights on at all times*** (and often but not always, the fastest class in Multi-Class events).
RCR7e/. Repeated Flashing of lights at a competitor who has just overtaken/lapped you is prohibited.

Consequence for Non-Adherence:
Any driver found driving with their lights on or flashing excessively at other competitors, will be asked by admin/moderators to turn them off. Failure to respond/comply will result in DQ from the race or removal from the server.
During the event, if Admin are competing, the driver will receive a warning/penalty after the race. Further breach in a later event could incur more severe penalties.
Penalties may be applied depending on the level of the incident and at the discretion of Admin. These may range from Lap Penalties, to Time Penalties, to Drive Through Penalties, to Grid Penalties, to Removal from the Server, or Removal/DQ from the Race Result.
A single flash of lights to a car ahead, that appears to be driving inconsistently, or with damage, or has been holding up the car behind for some time (not a single corner), with no apparent effort to effort to support the 'lapping' car to get by, would not attract a penalty.

* The level of daylight may sometimes depend on an individual members monitor settings.  If the server time is early morning, or late afternoon/evening, and you see a car with lights on, then this will not be an issue. Also, in bad weather conditions, the use of lights is discretionary.
**RaceConnect Admin have enough experience to identify the difference between over-aggressive/impatient flashing, and a flash done as a precautionary safety measure.

***On occasion, at the start of the race, if frame-rates might be an issue, Admin will advise that P1's need only turn on their lights once the field has spread out. They must always be on before the first car is lapped.


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