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When you make heavy contact, with the rear end/rear corner of car that is clearly ahead when contact is made, you must complete a Drive Through penalty within 2 laps.

In the heat of racing, knowing whether an incident is your fault or your opponents fault is not always clear. If you genuinely believe that you were making a legitimate attempt to pass, and that your opponent moved in such a manner as to provoke contact, then an incident can be reviewed after the race. Any heavy contact made when you are following a car, with the rear end/rear corner of car that is clearly ahead when contact is made, should result in a Drive Through being done (An exception will be made where a driver affects a punt as result of being punted himself. Admin will review this as necessary). Any reported failure to serve a drive though penalty will be reviewed by the Race Admin and they will make a judgement and apply the appropriate penalty.

RCR9a/. Where a car contacts the car(s) in front of him causing that car to A/. Lose Position, B/. Leave the Track, or lose considerable time (e.g. Stuck in a sand trap, Losing places to lapped cars), C/. Receive Damage that will clearly cost them considerable time (e.g. Losing Wing/Bodywork), the punter, must serve a pit lane drive through penalty. Drivers are expected to be aware enough and responsible enough to make the decision to do a drive through themselves. This self-policed penalty will equate approximately to a 20-30sec penalty, depending on the length of the pitlane/pit speed limit etc. This self-policed penalty in line with current motor-racing standards. Failure to do a Drive Through for a Punt, which is subsequently reviewed by Admin will result in a further Penalty being applied.
RCR9b/. An exception will be made where a punt is made but the punt is a result of a driver braking significantly earlier than usual (Review of braking points on previous laps will be done). This will be defined as a tactical punt, where the leading driver might be trying to get the chasing driver penalised intentionally (A car approaching another car to Lap them should not accuse the car being lapped of braking early. The faster car should anticipate that the car they are lapping will almost certainly be braking earlier at certain points on the track).

Consequence for Non-Adherence:
Any Driver who 'Punts' must serve a drive through Penalty. This penalty will be voluntary. Do not expect to be told to serve the drive through.
Failure to serve the penalty will result in a Penalty If you are involved in an incident, where you think you may have punted someone, then it's your call to do the drive through. However, please be aware that if you choose to carry on, and Admin become aware of the incident, and it is decided that a Drive Through should have been done, then the penalty for ignoring a Drive Through will be far greater than the 20-30sec self policed penalty.
In real motorsport, a car which ignores a call to do a Drive Through would be Black Flagged (DQ), so any Penalty is effectively more lenient (unless it's a DQ).
The drive thought must be served within 2 laps of the punt.
A driver found affecting a tactical/rage punt, shall be dealt with under RCR16/. Rage Punts and deliberate Wrecking. Penalties may be applied depending on the level of the incident and at the discretion of Admin. These may range from Lap Penalties, to Time Penalties, to Drive Through Penalties, to Grid Penalties, to Removal from the Server, or Removal/DQ from the Race Result.


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