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RaceConnect is a 'non-profit' website. All proceeds recieved are invested directly back into the operations of this site and all that connects with it. This site is born from motorsport enthusiasts to engage in multiplayer on-line 'Simulation Racing'.

By using a variety of different formats and sublevel class racing we seek to attract fellow online drivers with the same interests and the right attitude to join the site. It is important to note that we accept all levels of experience, from vetran pilots to the newbie. We contiue to receive amazing feedback for our contribution to the online racing community. We provide everything you need right here in a one stop shop, giving you access to the tracks you need and the patches you require to join any of our leagues.

RCV = Race Connect Value

RCV1/. Respect the site. Have Fun.

Offering a professional service we are proud of and with multiple years of expereince we are lucky to have the oppourtinty to provide users access to a thrilling experience. Thrill comes from honurable racing, with pushing the cars to the edge whilst always maintaining adherance to fair play. Individual objectives will range from a burning desire for a podium/win each time they take to the track, to the simple reward of just finishing a race. Most drivers simply love the combat, not caring on finishing position, just the excitement of the battle. Enjoying the opportunity to compete in a virtual world gets the heart pumping. We provide a massive variety of tracks and many cars from all eras of racing that just a few years ago was out of reach. All drivers who join the site are expected to simply be humble, graceful and respectful to others at all times, and have great fun.

We have a set of 'Racing Rules and Procedures' all members are expected to follow and adhere. In return for providing the above we ask politely for contributions to the site, allowing all to benefit from the continued exisitance and growth.

RCV2/. Respect the RaceConnect Rules. Do the right thing.
We expect you to race fair and within the RaceConnect Rules & Regulations. We promote racing with integrity, with understanding of the commitment made by the admin team to provide you this experience. In return we expect you to 'do the right thing' on track at all times. Winning is a great feeling, but if it is achieved through breaching the 'Racing Rules', then it will have no value and results will be amended accordingly - that is doing the right thing.

RCV3/. Respect the RaceConnect Community and Members
We do operate a zero tolerance policy. With over 1700 members over the years we are in a position to ensure we attract the right breed/ attitude of driver/pilot. Experience is not important, its the attitude.

As a result any member who makes a choice to be abusive to the Admin or other members will find their membership terminated.

RCV4/. Donations + Contributions
RaceConnect is funded by Admin & Members. We respect members making their fair contribution. The most popular contribution being donations to the site. Whilst donations are expected and appreciated, no matter how small, there are a number of ways members can contribute. You can offer your skills/support to the admin team or coaching others with your racing experience, you can help others with installation issues in the forums etc. The admin team always respects the help and support given by the members to make this a great community, please support by donation of time or money. Please join the loyal group through a regular monthly donation for those that use the site on a regular basis. Links are provided on the to the right of the RaceConnect website to enable this and we appreciate any format of contribution you can make.

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