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The RaceConnect T&C's detail a few of the key elements of our main Rules & Regulations found on the main RaceConnect website.

1/. At RaceConnect you will find Sim-Racing motorsport enthusiasts. Whilst some of the competition on track will be highly contested, the over-riding aim for all members is to have Fun.

2/. Race in a fair and sporting manner, and treat other members on track as you would want to be treated.  Winning is great, but if achieved through unfair or dubious methods, then your will have little meaning at RaceConnect.

3/. Respect RaceConnect and the Community. This includes Race Meetings, and on the Website/Forums.

4/. Situations occur between drivers/cars on track from time to time, and the cause for contact can be interpreted in a number of different ways.  RaceConnect do operate an Incident Review process. Whatever the outcome might be, it is expected that members accept any penalties/warnings, and learn from the experience. Or, if a report is ruled to be a racing incident, and no further action is necessary, then the decision should also be accepted.

Punt Rule.  Whilst RaceConnect run to a comprehensive set of Rules (mirroring the Motor Racing world), the Punt Rule should be understood by anyone and everyone taking to the track on the RaceConnect Servers. By accepting these T&C's, it is understood that the RaceConnect Racing Rules (in particular the Punt Rule) will be respected.

6/. Please do not be abusive towards fellow members or Admin (Flame). This includes on the track on Server Chat/TeamSpeak, and on the Website/Forums/Shout-Box etc.

7/. At RaceConnect, we use our real names when Racing, and when communicating with each other on the forums/website. This may sound a bit old fashioned, but it's what we do.

8/. Please do not register if you do not intent to race or become active in the RaceConnect community.

9/. Once a Member, it is important that you read the full RaceConnect Rules & Regulations which can be found on the main menu at the top of the site.

10/. Please do not share Server or Teamspeak Passwords with non-members. Your friends/colleagues are welcome to join our servers, but please ensure they register with RaceConnect first.

RaceConnect reserve the right to suspend/terminate the membership of any member abusing these T&C's

**If you are registering and are satisfied with these T&C's, then please close this window and continue with your Registration.**
Finally, if you are registering, please check your email SPAM inbox for your confitmation email. If you don't confirm your email, your registration will not get approval.

rfactor Timing

rfactor30x30 WEC

rfactor30x30 FIAGT

rfactor30x30 WTSC



rfactor2 Timing

rf2 30x30 24hr GT3

rf2 30x30 ELMS - Not Live

rf2 30x30 VLN - Not Live

rf2 30x30 Lola T280

rf2 30x30 NAEC

Assetto Corsa Timing

AC30x30 Blancpain GT - Not Live

AC30x30 Lotus 25 - Not Live




Upcoming Races

Category Image - Sunday 26 August 2018
[rf2] 24hr GT3 Endurance Series - Rd 5 - Portimao
Registered : Open

Final Practice 6 Days 11 hrs 48 mins to go

Category Image - Wednesday 29 August 2018
[rf2] Lola T280 Championship - Rd 5 - Oserrreichring
Registered : Open

Final Practice 9 Days 11 hrs 48 mins to go

Category Image - Saturday 01 September 2018
[rf1] FIAGT Rd 9 - Monza
Registered : Open

Final Practice 12 Days 11 hrs 48 mins to go

Category Image - Sunday 02 September 2018
[rf2] NAEC - Rd 1 - Daytona
Registered : Open

Final Practice 13 Days 11 hrs 48 mins to go

Category Image - Wednesday 05 September 2018
[AC] Lotus 25 Championship - Rd 1 - Osterreichring
Registered : Open

Final Practice 16 Days 11 hrs 48 mins to go

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